2019 SNMMI-TS Leadership Academy

2019 Annual Leadership Academy application process is now closed!

The SNMMI-TS Leadership Academy is the centerpiece of SNMMI-TS leadership development strategy. The Academy actively works on building a team of 15-20 technologists, per year, who have demonstrated leadership abilities and engagement at the national/chapter level.

The SNMMI-TS Leadership Academy's training focuses on setting a clear plan for increasing leadership abilities by developing the necessary skills and organizational expertise to enhance chapter performance and ultimately evolve to national leadership.

Gain knowledge in fundamental leadership techniques from professionally recognized leadership groups and current SNMMI-TS leadership. Submit your application today.

The deadline to apply for the 2019 Leadership Academy has passed. We hope you will apply next year! 

Important Information About the 2019 Academy

The 2019 SNMMI-TS Leadership Academy will be held in conjunction with the SNMMI Mid-Winter Symposium; January 17-19, 2019 in Palm Springs, CA.

Selected attendees are expected to attend the entire academy. The SNMMI-TS will be cover expenses associated with travel, to include; airfare (if booked through the SNMMI Travel Agency), two nights hotel, parking at local airport for three days, meals for three days (if not provided by SNMMI), ground transportation to and from home airport and/or destination airport and hotel.

Selection Process and Notification Timeline

All aspiring SNMMI-TS members will be given the opportunity to apply to the Academy. The Selection Committee will review all SNMMI-TS applications in October and applicants will be notified by October 30. The SNMMI-TS student applications will be reviewed in November and applicants will be notified by November 30.

In addition to the information on the application, all applicants will be assessed on the following criteria:

  1. Applicant has demonstrated a notable passion for the profession and would like to seek the leadership skills necessary to perform successfully in a Chapter or National SNMMI-TS Leadership position.
  2. Has the desire and skill set to become a leader in Nuclear Medicine and other related fields.
  3. Will serve the Chapter/SNMMI-TS as a positive and influential leader and representative of the SNMMI-TS Leadership Academy.

About the Academy

The academy will be a two-day course with an assemblage of current SNMMI-TS Leadership, key members of the SNMMI-TS, and  Staff who have dedicated themselves to improving SNMMI-TS achievement in the Nuclear Medicine and related fields. Lectures will be complimented with team building exercises which will enhance networking opportunities. Each lecture will consider a different aspect of leadership and will be led by technologists or keynote speakers with an intimate knowledge of the subject. The overall goal is to assemble a group of SNMMI-TS Leaders who understand the crucial role of leadership development and who are eager to begin the path to SNMMI-TS Leadership and organizational success.

After attending the Leadership Academy attendees will be able to;

  • demonstrate the skills gained at the Academy to their Chapter in the form of presentations at the Chapter level, Chapter leadership retreat, etc.,
  • be placed on an SNMMI-TS committee during the next appointment process
  • continue to work with their assigned mentor to develop a plan for their future success as an SNMMI-TS leader.

International Applicants: Technologists from outside the United States are eligible for selection to the Leadership Academy (LA) so long as they meet all published eligibility criteria, with the following additional stipulations. Airfare will be subsidized by the SNMMI-TS in the amount of $400, or the highest airfare amount paid for a LA attendee in that year, whichever is greater.  The international attendee is responsible for booking the flight and the balance of the airfare cost. The SNMMI-TS will bear all other attendance costs to be borne for domestic attendees.  It is recommended that the subsidy be paid as an expense only after attendance at the LA, rather than an amount paid in advance in case the individual chooses not to attend for any reason. Participation in local or international nuclear medicine technologist society governance will be accepted in lieu of participation in SNMMI-TS national or chapter governance. As the LA is conducted in English, the candidate must be fluent in English sufficient to benefit from attendance at the LA.

Please Note: A member may only attend the Leadership Academy once as an official SNMMI-TS attendee.

 Past SNMMI-TS Leadership Academies